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My characters of YOA


7 Feb 2006
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Hey guys

I am a internet role player on Years of Anguish(or YOA for short). Here the explation of YOA:

In the future, the world is in the final years of capitalism. Wars threaten to tear the world asunder. Poverty and disease are rampant in the ever expanding third world. And as the toiling class of the world suffer as never before, the capitalist exploiters will go to any length to expand their wealth and power. Global terrorism is proliferating as the result of the wanton foreign policies of capitalist nations. But, in these dark years of human suffering, a revolution is being organized. A revolution that promises a better world where people can live as equals and share their labor and resources. With more and more breaking under the pressure of a dying system no longer able to support its own expansion, in these, the years of anguish, hope is in the coming revolution.

I had fun on this site and on this site, I made at least around 42 characters.

Adoras Reveron----counter-terrorist
Ainslee Zamolodchikova----writer but uses drugs
Amaya Hara----terrorist
Fraulein Angelo----terrorist
Artemio Paz----potter
Artemis Ragulin----video game designer
Baraka Zanjani----college student
Berlynn Rice----terrorist(vampire/angel)
Elsa Shamil----child of Chechenya and little sister of a terrorist
Fawn Dunn--black--Archivist(water/ice demon)
Freja Ziegler----mafia member(vampire)
Gabby Buccafusca----mafia member
Hikaru Katsura----terrorist/serial killer(vampire)
Hotaru Kuninobu----high school student
Isabella----drug dealer
Jack Reid----college student
Julien Vaux----artist
Kate and Jessie Zhang----fashion designers
Kalma Keitoleinen----student/terrorist(god)
Kaoru Aries----Dj
Lana and Lara Rzaev----maids/terrorists
Long Sen ó Raghallaigh----computer expert
Lorelie Engel----primary school student
Mihoko Sugiyama----spiritualist/martial artist
Mijin Song----musican
Milo Bukolov and Rory Boyle----bartender(milo), hairdresser(rory) terrorists(both)
Mireille Babineaux----reaper
Niran Lacroix----traveler
Parvati Flora----writer
Tilik "Pepper" Khan----drug dealer
Raya Biryuk----mafia member(nymph)
Ritva Virta----child/gothic artist/Philosopher(spirit)
Rurik Pavlenco----Prostitute
Ryo Tsuzuki----mafia member
Sagira Basbousa----student/terrorist(dog demon)
Shinobu Baitosei----manga writer/artist
Shizue Rousseau----photographer
Tala Lozana----dancer(wolf demon)
Valo Toivonen----preschooler
Yulia Filipov-Kankkunen----martial artist

just post on this thread, asking which character you want me to post their bio

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