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My beautiful hair...


Gag me with a spoon
19 Nov 2003
I went out with my friend last night, and for one reason or another passed out shortly during our outing. Anyhoo, I woke up a few hours ago at her house with most of my hair missing. My poor long beautiful locks of shiny black hair...just gone.

But its not so bad. I look even cuter now, tee hee.
Post A Picture !!

A before & after shot and we can vote on our favorite: the old Winter we all know & love OR the new improved
Winter with short hair! Beter check all over And make sure nothing else got cut off!!


😲 Oh my! That's AWFUL! First of all, passing out? That's no good in its own right... but waking up with your hair cut off 😲 I can't expressed how that stuns me. I feel so terrible for you! :( if that happened to me... Oh, I'd be very angry and sad... and rather confused. Actually, it's a lovely assortment of emotions. I'm glad you have found peace with your new haircut ^_^.
I tend to not be so excepting to things that are done to me like that, so you could bet your money if I woke up like that someone would be getting beaten. lol :p
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