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22 Dec 2003
People keep saying that Inuyasha has a sister and new episodes that wont be shown And stuff like that I think they are lying are they?

ya i guess she would have but the ones who have said this that she was not going to air the new episodes and not open to the public at all its not fare if its true because those episodes sounded realy good with inuyasha's younger sibleing Toshi and the new bad guy Jaaku i think it was but oh well if its not true :)
That reminds me of the rumour I heard for the 'true' ending of Angel Sanctuary. :( That ending is way much better than the one she had, I wonder if it was true that she had originally planned to do that? (It seemed more 'her', if you catch my drift.) Oh, well. *Sigh*

Sorry, ToshiChan, that was very much off-topic, hm? 😄
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