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3 Dec 2003
Norwegian metal is terrific, especialy black and gothic stuff, but english and german music is also good. Norwegen und Deutschland uber alles! hehe..
oh..and some Japanese music is also kinda cool, like funny kinda (haven't heard that much of it yet...)

hmm...norwegian metal...hmmm... never heard of it before...but i heard of norwegian pop/rap though... MULTICYDE...
Norwegian metal is what I LIVE for. Jrock is a close second.

This again brings me to my boys, Dimmu Borgir. HAIL SATAN!

Whats great about music from Norway, and Sweden, and Finland, is the lore of the songs. A lot of them are about Satan, which is always good, but a lot like Thereon, are about fantasy, and myths. something you really dont hear about in jrock and whatnot.

I personally love songs that are like fairy tales.
Black metal is actualy a norwegian creation..
Check out these norwegian bands for some great music:

Dimmu Borgir, Carphatian Forest, Khold, Satyricon and Immortal (Black Metal) or Tristania or My Dying Bride (Gothic)
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