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Music (classical/concert band pieces)

silver angel

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26 Sep 2003
A Movement for Rosa- Mark Camphouse

It's a wind ensemble piece that is super powerful. More so if you're into music
My high school wind ensemble played this piece and it's so powerful, there's parts that go to the beat of "freedom, freedom now" (1 quater note, a half note, followed by two eighth notes and a dotted half note) Our last performance had several people crying. Not to mention that it's a super hard piece.

Does anyone else know this piece? Does anyone know what a wind ensemble is? I play the trumpet and the french horn in this band so it'd be cool to talk to people that know what I'm talking about. ^_^

6 Years Trumpet, 2 Years Tuba, No Wonder.....

I'm such a blowhard!! Pomp & Circumstance used to get to me. It was played at senior grad ceramonies & it ment you were going out into the adult world!

I Guess It Works Both Ways.....

I don't know anything about J-Pop or current music. I read the posts but don't reply.I used to hate to practice, but loved the exchange concerts where we went to other states.

I played the clarinet and the oboe for a combined total of about 6 years. I gave up band for chorus, though. I kind of wish I still had my clarinet(my mom sold it when she was in a fit of rage because of stuff I did). I do have a flute, though, and I attempt to get some weak sounds out of it.... :p

Never had the fortitude to practice the ammount needed!!

Frank D. White said:
Never had the fortitude to practice the ammount needed!!


I used to like playing the violin when I was in elemtary and middle school; however, I decided to instead play the drums and guitar. I didn't have the time to play in the marching band; I'm academic-minded.
😌 :sorry:

My senior year I played the tuba. They didn't have the fiberglass, only "Heavy Metal" like the same weight as a VW !! I only weighed about 92 Lbs , definately not a weight lifter! When we would march on a windy day, I looked like a clipper ship under full sail. Zooming into the person next to me or off on a tangent from the rest of the group. Blowing into a heap of music sheets-flesh & metal, covered with grass stains & mud, chasing after the group as they marched off into the sunset!!
NOT a pleasant memory!!


😊 😲 :(
I was pressured into classical music during high school, but things happened, and I was kicked out.

And speaking of classical; ANYTHING by Jean-Phillippe Ramot is brilliance. Try to keep up with his speed on the piano, just try.
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