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Dream Time

20 Jul 2003
how about opening one more board of music?
there is only a board for J-Pop
maybe open another board for other kinds of music,
to talk about other musicians of Japan,
like rock (not visual rock),metal,jazz,blues,classical

so people who wants to discuss about those music will know where to go
those kinds of music are not part of Pop Culture

just a suggestion anyways.
Well, Thomas, then just rename the current JPop forum to J-Music.

Although technically it's wrong, I still consider the term J-Pop as an umbrella title for any music coming from Japan. It's easily recognizable for anyone looking for music from Japan, but apparently the Pop-part in that term scares off a lot of people as well.

I don't recommend adding other music fora, as yet, since i think it's incredibly hard to categorize music. Especially music from Japan, since their are so many crossover acts.
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