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Mummy the Peepshow


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15 Mar 2002
Ha! I knew the subject of this threat would get you curious, but it's not what you think! :p

Mummy the Peepshow is actually the name of an Osaka-based band, which is touring through Europe at the moment. It's a girl only band playing punk'ish music. They call it "Pop 'n Roll" themselves.

I might have a chance to interview them next week, so i was wondering if anyone has any good questions for me to ask them.
If all goes well, i will post the interview on this board.

In the mean, you can find their tour-schedule on this page:
SisterRecords&BENTEN ON-LINE

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Hehe, I came for the mummy, not the peep-show!

Sister.co.jp is a cool, forgive me, kewl site, we already added it to our directory. It's owned by Audrey Kimura who owns a label specialized in girlie groups. Oh, she's managing another another girl punk band, Lolita18 (see site). They offer a few downloads (complete songs!).
Yes, that's right. Audrey sent me a cool package of sampler cd's, when i told her i would like to do some promotion for Mummy the Peepshow.
I'm looking forward to the show next week.
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