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Multiple part time jobs on Instructor visa


15 Feb 2019
Hi everyone.
Hoping the knowledgeable folks here can help me out with my confusion about working multiple part time jobs on an instructor visa.
I'll try to make a long story short:
-2016 I was hired from overseas to work at a big (black) international kindergarten. I was given a 5 year (specialist in humanities...) Visa upon arrival. Worked for them for a year and I half and began looking elsewhere.
-early 2018 I landed a part time faculty position at an excellent high school who's primary student body is made of of Japanese returning students where I have been happily teaching English Literature and SAT prep courses. Before starting I was told I would need to change my visa to an (Instructor) visa before I began. Which, with some paperwork from admin I was able to do on with this job alone. I've had 16 teaching hours (the max at my school) and have been making more money than my old full time job. Because I make enough withthis job alone the visa was not an issue. Unfortunately, I was only given a 1 year visa this time.
-Now, I've been given my schedule for the next school year, which, due to a very complex student schedule, only amounts to 10 class teaching hours. (Thankfully this allows me to keep my pension and health care package) However, I find myself in the position of needing to renew my visa (before the end of may), and find a second part time job.

My question is: does this situation automatically put me in the position of 'self-sponsorship' or can my current employer still act as a sponsor for my renewal with the addition of another contract from another employer? Would ask my coworkers but they are quite literally all on spousal visa or permanent residents.

Secondly, Is applying for 'permission to engage in other activities' and finding a position that falls outside of the (instructor) realm also possible?

The problem is that, from what I've read about 'self a sponsorship' is that it is only possible with certain visa types and that the instructor visa is not one of them
From what I've found online, most people who are successfully secure a visa with multiple part time jobs are on the sepc. In humanities type visa.

Hoping someone who has actually been in my situation can chime in.

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You'll find the best answer at the immigration office.
Wish you luck.
Seems more and more people are finding it easier these days to wiggle their way into staying here legally.
I would ask immigration about the 2 options you are considering. If you want to self-sponsor, you will need actual contracts from the other jobs to show them where you are guaranteed to work.
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