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Mr. Children 3-hour block on Net stream!


13 Jul 2002
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Hey everybody!

I figured I wouldn't dredge up my old thread about the Nihon Record Taisho Grand Prix Award 2004 that was won by Mr. Children... but in that thread I mentioned possibly putting together a full three hour radio show devoted to the music of this J-Pop giant. After receiving some positive response both from J-Ref members as well as my local listeners, I've decided to go ahead with this plan in the very near future...

I can't be more specific about the date at this point, since our station's live Internet stream (thru ShoutCast) is currently on the fritz... and I plan on waiting until that's back in working order before making this show happen. I'll reply to this thread once everything is ready...

The other reason why I'm posting here is because I wanted to get some input from Mr. Children fans on the Forum... I'm planning on doing the three hours much like Mr. Children structured their playlist for the Q Tour from 2000, spending the first two hours with some long format and lesser known tracks (perhaps focusing on songs listed as favorites by the members of the band themselves) and then dropping the hits during the final hour...

What I'd like to do is place all of Mr. Children's Oricon #1 hits into a big voting pool and have fans vote on their personal favorites... then I can compile the ballots together and produce a Top Ten list as voted by J-Ref members and my local listeners to feature in the final hour.

So if any big fans of this group want to get involved in this, feel free to drop me a PM and I'll talk to you there!

Thanks for your time and patience reading one of my usual long posts!

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