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MPD Psycho


29 Apr 2003
i just started reading this manga, and i was wondering if anyone else has read or heard of it. it's pretty messed up and confusing, but if you like anime like Boogiepop Phantom or Lain and can stand some really graphic scences then i would check it out. i stubbled arcoss this manga while looking for Angel Sanctuary downloads and i'm pretty glad i did.

MPD Psycho
written by Eiji Otsuka & drawn by Sho-u Tajima

A detective with multiple personalities and a dark past struggles to find out who he is while solving cases and unraveling more threads of his past

you can download all 8 vol. here
MPD Psycho
Yaaaay,I love it!
I love Amamiya-kun!!!
he's cool,isn't he?
but Nishizono Shinji died!!😭

MPD Psycho is really really confusing.
I don't understand why Nisizono Shinji became MPD
and spent his life as Yosuke Kobayashi?
what on earth happend in the Amamiya clinic?
and what is the Gakuso-kai up to??
Why does Tetora announce himself Amamiya Kazuhiko???
and Who is Lucy Monostone!?
Shinji spent his life as a MPD because Yousuke was going to be one when he got older, and you know that Shinji took the personalities off all the kids he killed at that clinic after the fire

Lucy Monostone is the father of those psycho kids that told that one girl to beat the **** out of herselve with a brick in vol. 2, i think

i'm at vol. 5 now, and when did Shinji die
you're at vol.5?
so you don't know who Tetora is.
That is before long...move on!!
the story becomes more and more confusing!
Shinji died but he is still alive...can you understand what I say?
I wonder "WHAT is Nishizono Shinji?"
it makes me confusing!!:mad:
yeah i know what you mean when you say that Shinji is dead but he's still alive

do you read anything else that is similar to MPD Psycho
Yeah,Shinji himself was dead,but Nishizono and Amamiya Kazuhiko are alive...
I finished vol.8 before.I'm waiting for vol.9.
>do you read anything else that is similar to MPD Psycho
no,but I've read MPD Psycho novels written by Eiji Otsuka.
novelized MPD Psycho was little different from comics.
it was very dark story.
and side story of a girl called Lolitaツ?ス.she is singing Lucy Monostone's songs and possesses girls via their cellphones...
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