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12 Jul 2003
I love downlaoding jrock mp3, but I've gotten fustrated trying to search through google and at this point I'm not going to bother with yahoo. I'm too tired. I would use something like Kazaa or WinMX, but I can't so I have a problem. I like to listen to mp3s before I buy the cd. I dun get money often so there's no way I'm going to waste it. (not that anyone does, but I'm just making a point) I was trying to find aucifer, sads, and a couple of others. I'm just so tired of looking. If anyone has any ideas please tell me. thanks. ^^
If you just want to listen to Japanese music before buying instead of downloading MP3's and then burn them on a cd, then you could start listening to online radiostations.

There are a few online JPop stations at Shoutcast - Home Page and i'm currently running my own broadcast as well at this location.
I'm running a program about an hour long. Playlist can be found here.
I was going to suggest using Soulseek... but that's kind of like KaZaA and WinMix (but much better for getting Asian music). *shrugs* Good luck finding what you're looking for.
If you have more time on your hands, you could try jpmp3.com. A lot of their old files were deleted, but they have a lot of new singles and albums up there. You'd have to download the whole single/album, but they are usually pretty good singles/albums.
Closing thread because of the Mp3 downloading links :)
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