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moyashi III ... the final sequel.


15 Apr 2002
Here you all go. One last quiz.
1-5, take your pick.

I bet Debs and Olivia will be the closest.

Hehe, I think it's easy that time.

How about taking bets? Each of us sends you a PM with our guess. The winner(s) gets a Moyashi T-shirt.
sure, hell, why not. It's not like I got any T-shirts worth anything except for my apple one.
Lol, well I know who you are now, and guess what??? if your not 3 then 3 deserves a (hehe) :)
As for the T.shirt, I'm waiting!!!!🙂 that's if I'm right and no-one has beaten me to it, lol :p
I go for 3 as well for the same reason as Debbie. Besides, the others look in their early twenties, while I remember you saying that you were in your thirties.
Heard the name before... just can't place the movie.

My previous post was a hint. ;)
sorry! i missed this thread, couldn't make my bet for the t-shirt! hehe!

@ hint
??? ready or not? isn't that a name of a song?
george c. scott is a actor. he passed away a few years ago. he was in the movie patton, about the general. he has a son who is a popular actor.
Exactly. Doesn't No. 3 on the pic above ressemble to the young George C. Scott?

Btw, he's also acting in one of my all-time favorite movies, "Dr. Strangelove".
Ahhh, wow, I never knew that he was in so many movies. Patton ... hehe ... that's funny.

Young George C. Scott. I can see the resemblance in the older one too. hmmm.

lololo ...

BTW, You do know which number is me right, Thomas?
lolo .... I thought we all agreed on #3 :D
That's why I changed the quiz, since you all got the answser to fast.

Now, who are the other guys?
@ moyashi
ok, so no way I'm gonna get my t-shirt... hahahaha!!!

@ jijis
yep, they look young.
but you want us to name them? how? after some celebrities? :confused:
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