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Moving to Japan (hopfully)


8 Jun 2003
Hi there, I want to start by saying I have read a lot of the questions on the web site and it seems to be a great website and I'm happy I ran into it. I am a Canadian seriously wanting to move to Japan.

Just to start off there, I would be happy doing almost anything, teaching, general labour, working at a bar, ect.... The problem is I can't seem to find a job while I'm here in Canada, and I think it is because I did not attend univercity after highschool, instead I searved for 3 years in the military. I attended the Canadian Forces School of Communication and Electronics, and consider myself to be educated, but my training is not even recognised by the civilian world in Canada, so I'm assuming in Japan, my training in the military is nothing.

Most Job postings I see on the internet, or outside Japan, that offer sponsorship, require a degree of some sort. Usually ones that do not require a degree, require me to already reside in Japan with a proper visa. How can I get a visa without a job, and how can i get a job without a visa????????? The only jobs I seem to qualify for are topless dancers and escorts. Being male, I may run into a few problems pursuing a career in this field if you know what I mean..... :p

To actually go there to look for work seems risky to me because I don't even know if I can find a job when i'm there, and I dont' have a lot of money.

My dream is to work there, save money, then open a business.
I want to live there perminantly.

Is there anyway for someone like me to get some sort of visa which will give me permission to stay there for a few years??

Also, if you have any good links that supply quality job postings, please let me know.

Thank you so much in advance.
Hi Matt, thanks for your kind words and welcome aboard! 🙂

Take a look at our Job & Recruitment section, listing the most important online resources for J-related jobs and internships.

Here are a few links covering visa and immigration regulations

=> http://www.edutraveller.com/jp/en/visas/index.html

=> http://www.edutraveller.com/jp/en/visas/immigration.html

=> VISA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

A bit outdated, but it might help you:

Finding a job (for non-Japanese)

=> soc.culture.japan FAQ [Monthly Posting] [2/3]

The Working Holiday Programmes in Japan

=> http://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/w_holiday/programme.html
Decide what you want to do. Print up a name card. Save some bucks then come on over and network like mad.

Data above is good starting place.

I own a pub/restaurant in Tokyo and welcome anyone for an interview who has cocktail bar experience.

Only one vacancy at present for female bartender on the weekends.

You also have to decide why you really want to live in Japan. Personally I love living here, but it is very different to what you see in the media and what you might be expecting.

You didn't mention your reasons for wanting to live in Japan.
It's very difficult to get a company to sponsor you (and the government to give you a working visa) without a four-year degree. However as a Canadian, you qualify for the working holiday program, don't you? I would check into that avenue.
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