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Movin Clothing Brand Online Store


6 Sep 2003
During my visit to Japan this last summer, I shopped in a store called Movin. It basically a store that sells mostly "engrish" shirts and American-style clothing. I regretfully only purchased one shirt there. I'm now wondering if there are any online store in English or Japanese that I would be able to buy these shirts? Your help would be gratefully appreciated.
Mashu, I don't know much about where you can get those kinds of shirts, but I just wanted to tell you that I like your avatar... ;)
But the shirts also say Engrish.com on the sleeve taking away from the authenticy of real engrish ;)
true because alot isnt "authentic" just copies of shirts they've seen. but i can't think of anywhere else to get them. if you do find a shop please let me know.
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