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25 May 2003
A long, long time ago I saw a movie where a giant clay statue came to life. Can anyone tell me the name of the movie?
Also, when I was in Japan last summer, I rented a movie about a girl who had to become a geisha. One of the other girls in her hopuse went crazy and fell on a razor to kill herself. Can anyone tell me the name of that movie?
Is the first one you're talking about really Japanese? I remember something like a giant clay mountain in Neverending Story though...But I'm guessing this has just been yer average useless reply... :D
No, its not NES. The one I'm talking about , (I saw it while in Highschool, about 30+ years ago), had a clay statue of a warrior, that came to life and grew to King Kong size. Then he proceeded to stomp around.;) I think it might have been in B/W too.
I found the name of one of the movies I asked about, it starts with "Daimajin". I neglected to write down the rest.
Does anyone know it? Is it available on VHS or DVD?
I'm not able to locate it here in the States.:p
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