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11 Jul 2003
Hey y'all,

Can anyone help me out?

I'm trying to get some movie posters for myself, I've been checking out the web (ebay n stuff) to see what's out there but with no luck. I'm looking for original cinema posters for Kitano's films and a few of Miyazaki's films too. I like the US one sheet style, is that the same style used in Japan? I have seen a lot of mini posters called "chirashi" but they are very small despite being quite nice and affordable.

If anyone can shed some light on this I'd really appreciate it, or even point me towards a dealer or seller on the web....?

Just in case anyone's interested my prize poster is a one sheet for "Sonatine" signed by Kitano Takeshi himself. It's framed on the wall in my lounge.

Ta loads!
Check out YesAsia.com. I get my stuff from there all the time.. if they have Miyazaki posters I can't say for sure.. but it wouldn't hurt to look, right?
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