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Movie help


10 Jan 2018
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Hello, I'm new to this kind of communication. What I meant to say I had never participated in a thread before. Therefore I can't tell if anyone can see this post. Anyway, I would like to ask anyone who could help, is there a way to get some subtitles for movies which are in Japanese. To make the things even harder, those subtitles in Japanese should be for Japanese movies, so it is rather a dialogue list then an ordinary subtitle. The truth of the matter is that recently I came across this unexpectedly gripping movie called "Traces of Sin" (愚行録 ぐこうろく), which provides beautiful insights in modern, everyday Japanese language. And I would like to study more closely the details of its sentence structure, grammar and vocabulary. I would be really grateful, if anyone could help me with a .sub or .srt file to this movie. (in Japanese of course). Thank you very much. Marko.
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