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Most famous Japanese song ?


2 Jan 2007
What do you think is the most famous Japanese song ? A song that any Japanese native from any age knows and can sing by heart. Or maybe a Japanese song that has had succes abroad ?
Honey, L'Arc-en-ciel is quite well known here.
Also, Gactk's redemption, fom the KH thingy. (I think it's Redemption anyways!)
Click on the links to listen to the songs

"Yutaka Ozaki - I love you" (MY ALL TIME FAVORITE, good for Karaoke)
"Dreams come true - love love love"
"Southern all stars - Tsunami"
"Nami amuro - Can you celebrate"
"MISIA - everything"
"Smap - Lionheart"
"X Japan - Forever love" (Easy to cry with)

These songs are well known by most Japanese (even I can sing a little bit along), especialy the first 3 are well known.

(Middle aged Japanese most know the this one from Shimon Masato, the best selling single in Japanese history of music)

(Finally a thread that fits in my street haha)
Thanks DB,

I really like Chage and Aska, they are a perfect harmony. Forever Love is awesome song too ofcourse !
I would say that beside Forever Love the most known song is also Endless Rain from X Japan :p
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