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Most exteme elimation challenge


24 Feb 2003
its on spike tv, its footage from takeshi's castle but humorously re-dubbed in english. i so wanna be on that show.
That show is awesome. Kenny Blankenchip's most painful eliminations of the day is what keeps me living.
haha hells yeah, i like when they have to run across the lily pads gettin chased by the robber guy.
I like the logs, or maybe the one where they are on the moving platform, and have to jump over stuff or fall in the water. One of my favorite episodes was where they had the addicts vs. the donors. That one was hella funny.
the logs and the one where they are supposed to stick to the house always have the most painful eliminations
I saw a clip on that show. Sounds pretty weird, but fun. This one of those types of shows that grow on you, though, albeit for me, it's more slowly.
another great part of the show is in the beginning, when the "captain" asks all those people some random question, and they all raise their hands, and he tells them they're all wrong ... or something like that. yeah. hehe.

boulder dash is crazyness.
Sperm Whales. Definitely Sperm Whales. Yeah, and the one where they stick to the wall thingy; I agree. "Leeet's Go!"
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