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15 Apr 2002
got make and yaguchi .... will graduate

2 more members will be graduating from Morning Musume this year.

Goto Maki and Yaguchi.

As many of you know, I'm not a mo-musume fan, but still interesting that Tsunku decide to make 2 of the girls leave the group.

The previous member (sorry forgot her name) graduated about 2 years ago and has been on and off doing solo acts or appearing on TV.

I wonder if Tsunku has something up his sleeve?
I just downloaded a video of the little ceremony thing. All the members looked so sad and were crying and making little speeches in Japanese. Except, I think it was Maki Goto and Kei Yasuda, not Maki Goto and Mari Yaguchi =/ I may be wrong. Maki Goto was definetly one of the most popular members of the group. I don't know how well Morning Musume will do after Maki's leaving. However, Tsunku probably has something up his sleeve like you mentioned. Maki is set to pursue her solo career. She has just released a brand new single called "IT'S EASY!". Good luck Maki! BTW, I think you just might be talking about Yuko Nakazawa as the member who graduated 2 years before. Not quite sure though. She was the oldest member of the group, and the leader when Morning Musume first debuted.
Okay. I've been researching around because I wanted to get to the bottom of this and find out the real info with all the rumours circulating. I found out that after a day of speculations, Tsunku finally has carried out official notice. Tsunku says that with a Hello! The project of 44 members total, was difficult to maintain in the market. Maki Goto left Morning Musume to follow a solo career within the Hello! Project. She will officially begin this the 23 of September, which is her birthday. Kei Yasuda left Morning Musume and she becomes the second to fully leave the Hello! Project next to Yuko Nakazawa. Kei will be dedicated to participating in TV dramas and musical comedies as of this spring. The 27 of September will be their goodbye concert (it's already been sold out). Mari Yaguchi left MiniMoni to form a new group. Apparently, she was tired of the childish role she had to play and annoyed by the immature behaviour of Ai and Nono. Mika Todd will be the leader of the new Minimoni and Ai Takahashi will enter as well. Without Maki and Kei, Pucchimoni will consist of Hitomi, Ayaka (of Coconuts Musume) and Makoto. Mari, Kaori and Ai left Tanpopo. In their place will be Risa, Asami and Ayumi Shibata (from Melon Kinenbi). Finally, it seems to be that Heike Michiyo will graduate from the Hello! The project soon, follow her solo career. For more information (in Japanese): http://morningmusume.dream.com/news/hellopro.html
I forgot to add that in my opinion with all these MAJOR changes to Hello! Project, Tsunku has to DEFINETLY have something up his sleeve. I'll be expecting more major changes and addtions soon..
ooops, my mistake. I was like a bit tired when I posted that.

It was another member.


Tsunku is producing something like 41 groups and 108 members including Ayumi Hamazaki and a few other non-musume acts.

Thanks for correcting me :)
I saw a video with them and the Iron Chef commentator doing cooking (I'm a pretty big Iron Chef fan too..) and was wondering what it was. I did a search for it and found CD's, etc....but this was a video, and I saw a few others listed but did not watch them. If anyone has heard of them, what is it? A band, TV show...?


I stumbled across this forum a while ago, they should be able to answer ALL of your MM-related questions

=> http://www.mm-bbs.com

Re: What is Morning Musume?

Originally posted by StorDuff
I saw a video with them and the Iron Chef commentator doing cooking (I'm a pretty big Iron Chef fan too..)

🙂 Hi there fellow IC fan!
Thought your name looked familiar...for the record: I'm not looking to steal episodes, but FoodTV's two a week is so little (Even resorted to watching very good looking women cook in a non-kitchen stadium setting!!)
I guess it's unique-- who else goes around with an Armenian name. As I said, FujiTV sells some highlight tapes, but that's all I know. Which night haven't you been getting? Sunday? There have been marathons on Sunday lately. (Yes, I'll be quiet now)🙂
Highlight tapes...

I think I saw those along with books, but it doesn't show the full episode. I get both days (Friday and Saturday) but 2 episodes per 7 days isn't enough :)
I love the morning musumes,,,
"Musume" means "daughers" in japanese, right?
I possess most of their music by downloading MP3s.

They are the favorite ones in korea, too.
So cute!
Morning Musume is a money machine designed to bring back life in the minds of tired salarymen for other reasons than why they sing silly songs, that's for them to make money on albums, not on TV, by seducing Japanese kids.
I like Morning Musume. :p

Yeah, Tsunku does throw out loads of stuff by them and the Hello! Project but I don't care if it is a money making scheme I like :D
To everyone,

Just out of curiosity (I'm not trying to be patronizing in the least... seriously), but just how much of their lyrics do you understand?
Well me personally I can't understand very much of the lyrics at all but I have read the translated lyrics for a few of their songs. :D
Good one! 👍

And it doesn't make you want to retch? I personally can't abide Morning Musme. How many are there of them now? 12? More? I lost count... They couldn't sing for naught individually (as all the "graduates" of the group have proved until now, having all slipped back into anonymity) and they are ubnoxiously everywhere . Their first few hits were catchy and could be thought cute if you kept in mind that they'd be gone in 6 months, but, to me, it got old really, really fast.
Even though you don't get the lyrics? (Don't take this the wrong way, I'm not trying to be patronizing in any way). Reminds me of me before I came here... I used to flip for Hayashibara Megumi songs... Now, I prefer Oda Kazumasa, Spitz, or even Chage and Aska. The lyrics have a bit more depth. Anyway, to each his/her own, eh? I was just curious.
heh, I'm not taking offence. Quite a few people I know find my love for J-pop to be confusing for them :p
Mine confused quite a few people as well. They could not understand how I could like the stuff on sound alone... I trried to make them understand that it's the same as when you listen to an opera in Italian and you don't get Italian... It's funny how many of my friends couldn't bridge the gap between the two, the musical styles being so different...
I like some Momusu songs. The songs itself are kind of senseless, but cute. The Minimoni ones sound even more senseless...
As for the HP, I mostly like Ayaya's stuff right now. :p
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