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News More Trouble at Kobe Steel

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10 Jun 2009
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About 15 minutes ago I saw a flash sent to me from the BBC and here is the story:
Kobe Steel: More data fabrication cases possible

I think many are already aware of trouble with the company, but it grows worse.

And a most interesting paragraph in the BBC story comes from something the Kobe Steel's spokesman said, Mr. Tsuchida:

"Kobe Steel's spokesperson Gary Tsuchida told me that dozens of employees - some of them veterans - were involved in the fabrication of the data. But he couldn't tell me whether these errors were intentional."​

What just jumps right off any page is that last part about not being able to tell the BBC journalist whether the errors were intentional. Is it at all possible they do not know? Probably it is simply they don't want to admit it, right?
How does one unintentionally fabricate data?

When one gundecks anything, they are damned well aware they're gundecking.
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