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6 Oct 2002
If you would refer to my post," here are my questions everyone", you'll get the gist of what this is about.

For Kiyoko, I'm considering adding a subplot for her where she either discovers or had recently discovered that she was descended, through the female line, from a tradition of female Japanese ninja of sorts, dating back to the 1400s or so. One of the elements of this is her mother's ninja sword.

Basically my question is, how plausible, (or likely) is that the sword could have been something that was passed down through the generations, from mother to daughter to granddaughter, etc..., through out all that time? Could a ninja sword (assuming it was of the highest quality when it was made) even survive that long up to the present time? Is there any technique available today that could determine the sword's real age?

Would anyone think it possible for a such a lineage to even exist?

Also, if you check near the end of my other thread, you'll see a list of kanji I've rummaged up for the names "Kasumi" and "Kiyoko". Please check it out and tell me, if you would, what they mean.

Thanx, -Manny
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