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15 Nov 2002
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the final frontier
How the shuttle works: How Space Shuttles Work
alternative shuttle: Home
space elevator: How Space Elevators Will Work
Slideshow: To the Moon in a Space Elevator?
some comments and insights: Where Should Space Exploration Go From Here? - Slashdot

Ad-aware 6 released: http://lavasoft3.element5.com/support/download/

online encyclopaedias: Not Your Father's Encyclopedia

CIA World Factbook v2002 [129M] W9x/2k/XP Free


{Geographical handbook} Agent Meryl reporting in with an update on a top-secret mission to tell Agent Gnomies about this intelligence must-have: the CIA World Factbook. Shhh... it's been published since 1981 and has been available online since 1990 through gopher (a text-based Internet Web site - now that's a blast from the past!). Since 1993, CIA has included its annual handbook in this publication, featuring 267 full-color maps and flags of all nations and geographical entities. Find out about any country's demographics (e.g., population, literacy rates) along with political, geographical, and economic data. I used it for a graduate research paper that earned me an A. Don't faint at the huge size of the [compressed] file. The Web site offers smaller chunks for downloading, or you can view the book online in its entirety. Agent Meryl signing off. This message will self-destruct as soon as you hit the DEL key.

telemarketers sue to get rid of opt out option.... :eek:
Telemarketers Sue to Block Do-Not-Call List - Slashdot

inflatable churches:
Inflatable Church

1st Episode Of Animatrix Released - Slashdot
download site for trailer:
WarnerBros.com | Landing

virtual walk of Hachiko: http://www.photokyo.com/virtualwalk.asp

Panderers in Japan
{Celebs in Japanese commercials} Japander? Think Japan and panderer: a person hawking products in Japan. The site has videos of funny and weird commercials starring actors doing silly ads for money in Japan (and losing credibility). The site requires QuickTime to view. You won't find just the down-and-out stars, but also hot ones like Catherine Zeta-Jones, J-Lo, and Pierce "Latest 007" Brosnan. Brad Pitt doesn't get away unscathed with the commercials he did for Edwin - he can't pronounce Japanese words correctly. This even led to an ad where a woman tries to correct his pronunciation. Pitt's wife, Jennifer Aniston, has more sensibility (since she's not listed).

Wow! All Your Base has even become a news topic on NPR's Marketplace: http://www.marketplace.org/allyourbase/

Invisibility cloak:
Hosting in Iran

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