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15 Nov 2002
1. rapid extinction of military opposition between east and west camps will make economic problems between Japan and USA more important as political meanings.

2. How to enjoy reading is different from a person.

3. When we see others and it is also first time, Japanese use to make a bow, but Americans want to shake hands sticking out of his chest.

4. For sales many vehicles we must be conscious of our social parts as a supplier of products for human society.

5. We aim at making much stranger the tie of trust with the customer do our best.

6. If the equipment should have some defect, we will change that.

7. If this running test failed, how do you do?

8. If I had more time, I will go meet my fried. (friend?)

9. Don't think while you're talking.

10. We found the map is no more useless.

11. To use effectively this useless time, we accept summer time system.

12. I don't ever listen this song without remembering my childhood.

13. This machine is out of order vaguely.

14. We were all taking lunch when the head came back office.

15. I have no never remained my childhood to listen this song.

16. You should not eat dishes while watching TV.

17. This pillar watch must be rolled up once a month.

18. 90 minutes take away a little bit...

19. This machine is vaguely wrong.

20. It's important that you do your best for any sport, not result.

21. I might as well throw my property into the sea as stop my argument.

22. It may as well eat without biting as head without thinking.

23. Enough sleep is more important than long one.

24. Traffic accidents are informed everyday.

25. Dial 110 is a telephone number for informing in case of emergency, to a police station. Therefore, in case we found an affair, we use it to inform police urgently. For example, we use it in case help and arrest are needed as soon as possible because of a sneak thief, threat, traffic accident and fight.

26. I've just been loved! (robbed)

27. If they are impressed by your parents (appearance), it could help your business go smoothly.

28. As businessmen like to say, "You have to sound (sell?) yourself."

29. You have to get others to have conference (confidence?) in you before you can do business.

30. A first (false?) impression is not a good impression.

31. Wow! It's been a long fright! (flight?) It's been nice talking to you.

32. A-san: I like to know how you worked out.
B-san: Please do. By the way here is my business card.

33. It's a pleasure to meet me, Mr. Ryan.

34. The oldest history books state: "The first emperor rolled to the throne in 660 B.C., and since that around 250 people have had that role."

35. Now, would you like to meet the people in your apartment?

36. Q: How long have the Nakamuras been living in New York?
A: He has been living for five years.

37. The wind blew from his behind.

38. In the west, what is to be done is determined when a person dies by religion.

39. The judgment of "Brain Death" has to be put into the hands of a doctor, a specialist in death.

40. Q: What is Miss Hayashi doing?
A: She is hitting word processor over there.

41. We should notice our body defects. These persons will make doctors angry.

42. In the scientific studies which scientists work harder, there are some things that a man of common sense cannot understand.

43. If I go to America once again this summer, I shall have been there three times.

44. I never remember my childhood without hearing this song.

45. To draw social security pay in Japan, you have to put in 20 years before you reach the age of 20.

46. We often yawn. It is said that because of tired of brain.

47. Apparently these studies are worth nothing, but they are worth.

48. We try our best to be more strongly tied to our customers by the bonds of trust.

49. I'm very busy recently. I even have time for golfing.

50. You can not do anything what you want to do.

51. It is a history of pains that was thinging about a point of contact between human society and the computer.

52. We asked 625 children to be 2 years old up to 6 years old that where did you like to play?
I agree ... #37 is the best! But I also like 26, 28, 34, 38, 39 and 40! They are all so funny!! :D
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