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More Blonds in Tokyo than in Stockholm


27 Nov 2003
What do you think of all the hair-dying that goes on among the Japanese?

I'm at an age where I'm starting to consider using Grecian Formula to cover some of the grey so I have no right to complain about others dying their own hair, but I find it rather unfortunate that so many people do not like their own natural color and prefer to bleach it blond or red or some other unnatural color. "Chapatsu" is the term used to refer to anyone with dyed light brown hair.

Just a fad among the teens and hip young adults? Okay, I'll buy that, but when you see men and women in their 40s and 50s with bleached blond hair, something's not right. Sure, brunette white women dye their hair blond all the time, so what's the big deal, you say? White people have various natural hair colors, the Japanese do not.

I was at a Japanese supermarket in Santa Monica once and saw a little Japanese boy, no more than 4 or 5 years old, with bleached blond hair. I knew that wasn't his own color because both his parents were Japanese. That's just an awful thing to do to a precious child. He's probably having a hard time as it is dealing with self-identity, living in the U.S. without having his hair (and his mind) messed with.

Maybe I'm just too conservative? Your thoughts are appreciated. 🙂
I would tend to agree with you Golgo. But then again, I like a head of dark colored hair to begin with, no matter what nationality it walks in on.

However, I don't think the hair dying trend in Japan is all that different from the hair dying trend in other parts of the world. People want to try a different color for awhile or just hate the color of their own hair. I don't think it matters if you come from a country with many different colors to begin with; the underlying desire is the same (as evidenced by the space devoted to such products in coutries with already diverse hair colors).

The story of the little kid with bleached hair does call for a moment to pause, but we don't know the whole story. Maybe he wanted to do it and his parents were game. My mom always said "It is your hair, if it look stupid itis your fault."
I always remember this from my days as a college student in Osaka: I was in a big lecture class with Japanese and gaijin, and the professor asks the Japanese girls without dyed hair to raise their hands.

Not a single hand was raised.

Why have SO MANY people dyed their hair in Japan?
Has McWorld reared it's ugly head again?

I personally find normal Japanese hair color more attractive, and the currents trend disturbs me. All the dyed hair and make-up makes me feel like I'm in a bad Sci-Fi movie...
(Points for all Japanese women with black hair!)

But, hey, to each his own.
My personal opinion is that black hair is lovely. I would love to have that thick black hair anyday over the hair that I have now. I have tried dying my hair black, but it just looks crazy. I do highlight my hair to make it lighter than my original dark brown color, though. Most of us want what we don't have, right?

Almost every Japanese person has straight, black hair to begin with. It's just a given. It's only natural that some of them want to change their hair color to be different. Of course, by now, I would think that having the original black hair would be considered different. Anyway, I just think it's natural for them to want to have their own individual style and altering their hair color is one the easiest ways to do that, I think.

Dying a child's hair is something I definitely disagree with, but it doesn't surprise me. The mother was probably only thinking about the "cuteness" of it...*sigh* Ridiculous. Something like that shouldn't be done until the child is old enough to make the decision himself.
We have to remember that to many of us who have been raised among diverse groups of people, naturally long black hair seems attractive because frankly here in the U.S. you just don't see it very often. Just to reiterate what Rachel has already stated above... on the other side of the coin, to a homogenous society with almost half the population residing in a country slightly smaller than the state of California, the Japanese may feel a strong desire to distinguish themselves from everyone else. Even if in doing so, they ultimately are still conforming to something else even though it may appear different on the surface (everyone going blonde or with reddish hues, etc.). Interesting topic though...
Giant Tears Run Down His Face !!!!

MY GOD, all that long black hair ruined !!!!! My soul dies a little for each head my eyes take in that has been so altered !!!

Originally posted by mad pierrot
I always remember this from my days as a college student in Osaka: I was in a big lecture class with Japanese and gaijin, and the professor asks the Japanese girls without dyed hair to raise their hands.

Not a single hand was raised.

Why have SO MANY people dyed their hair in Japan?
Has McWorld reared it's ugly head again?

So Osaka has more blondes than Oslo? :D

The Japanese started it, and now many Koreans and Chinese are following suit.

Which college was that you went to in Osaka, my home town?

My dad graduated from Osaka Gaigo Daigaku (major in English and Arabic)

When I was a kid we lived in Sakai-shi. Last place we lived at was a major housing project called "Senboku New Town." Rode on Nankai trains all the time.
this is really ironic!

i'm in the midst of dyeing my hair green and red for christmas!
yes, i took the gloves off to type this
it's just a fad, like the gal-moji thang, the wannabe rappers, and all that....not that I know anything, mind you, and I hope to keep that in mind as I write this, but you can blame the kabuki and noh artists for the hairdos in Japan, since it sort of spawned the KISS rock group to spawn the Daemon Kogure's Sei Ki Ma 2 group to follow up later with other rock groups that resembled kabuki artists that later brought in the anime characters all having various colored hairdos that eventually led Dave Spector to change his hair to blonde when he came to Japan, that somehow gave the nihonjin gaijin wannabes to want to change their hair color to whatever they saw in the media...but give it a few more minutes, months or years and it will fade like all trends do in Japan :D
I've been colouring my hair for about 5 or 6 years, cant even remember how i look with black hair...
I went to Kansai Gaikokugo Daigaku, in Hirakata-shi. I stayed right next to Hirakata-Koen!:)

You lived in Sakai-shi? I was always curious to go there. My friend told me many bosozuku live there.

I used the Keihan Densha almost everyday...
Well, as for the influence of Kabuki / Noh, it seems to go beyond hair color. A lot of visual kei faces (make-up and expressions), costumes, and even poses (mie) are very kabuki-esque I think. In fact, Japan seems to have had a tradition of extreme display: from the kabuki-mono of 400 years ago, through to the later Tokugawa aragoto-style Kabuki theater, to the Takarazuka theater, and visual kei. Fascinating stuff.
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