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Moon child

How do you find moon child?

  • Awesome!!

    Votes: 10 50.0%
  • Not bad, good to watch

    Votes: 5 25.0%
  • Well, umm, the action scenes are abit...

    Votes: 3 15.0%
  • You think I'll waste my time on it?

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It's Gackt and Hyde... who cares about the story. :)

Actually, i still have to see it, so i can't help you.
I've seen better movies so I think it's okay. Slightly better than 'okay' even, but not awesome.

Um, do you guys really think it's wise to tell the ending of the movie here? Quite a spoiler, if I may say.
Does anyone know where I can get the movie for less than 70$ ? I need the english subtitles though and the only place where I could find the movie wants 70$ plus shipping -_-
The movie was better than I had expected. But the storyline was a bit out there...
oh boy... the bullet dodging -__-;;;

Still better than a few of the movies I've seen this year
Isn't it only $70 for the special edition? If you wait a couple of months or so they should release another pressing of it, probably 30% cheaper. Then you'll be able to get the official version, not a bootleg. COUGH COUGH.

Illaparatzo-sama said:
Isn't it only $70 for the special edition?


Yup. Unfortunately for those who don't want to spend a crap load of money, the regular edition isn't out yet. I don't recommend buying the special edition (first hand mistake). There's three discs. One being the movie, second the making of Moon Child, and the third is useless. Just photogalleries and such. Then there's a "photo booklet" that contains all of approx. four pictures. *__*.
urm... i bought it in a sae store 4 14$ only.... funny thing was iwas searchig frantically 4 it 4 a year and no sweat i found a cheapo one across the malaysian causeway....
but it was great... think i almost cried in the movie... it's so sad and harsd yet touching. 5 ***** for this movie 100 pts. it's not awesome... it's totally awesome... plus plus!
hais... who cares. the quality was good . as good as the movie. as long as u get to c hyde-sama.... i guess nothing else matters.
yipee!!! which channel??? i hope i have it... but i already have the vcd anyway so i can watch it whenever i want... i almost cried too...
cable... !? when where... heehee... thank gowd i have the vcd too... can watch till i get bored ( which will never happen). too bad i dun subscribe to cable... hmm.... no pt doing it jus 4 a single show.... but ya. bet we won't mind watching it a million times till we could recite the whole script.
Hmm... the movie was decent first time around. Hideto is definately a better actor then Gackt (Gackt did not do too well in the "emotional" scenes at all - he came off as rather 'corny', actually) and at points the action was just a bit too rediculous.

It was entertaining, however, and definately not a horrible movie - just not amazing.
The first time I watched Moon Child, I thought it was some kind of Thai movie with people trying to act cool and I was totally tuned out of it.
The second time I watched it however, it shows me a different perspective into stuff which I thought was cool. See, the whole concept of vampirism was very much glorified, the immortality, being perfect killing machines, the charm and all......but when Shou joins his friend in becoming the Ruler of Darkness, he's separated from his daughter, he's sad, he feels like a life-taking monster and he didn't want the lonely 'life'. So yeah, I'd say it's got more depth than it seems to have ^^ though I still don't like the cool actions somewhere in the middle of the show.....^^
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