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14 Mar 2002
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MOFA (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is making headlines. Once again.

Japan punishes 39 diplomats for misusing taxpayer funds

"The disciplinary action came after a Board of Audit's inspection revealed diplomats had spent a total of 403 million yen (US$3.3 million) in public funds for private purposes 窶 twice the amount the ministry's own investigation showed a year ago."

=> http://forum.japanreference.com/newthread.php?s=&action=newthread&forumid=49

Has anyone heard about the new Japanese embassy in Moscow? That palace stirred some irritation too.

Japan Reveals Plans for New $90M Embassy

"Japan will build a five-story, $90 million embassy in Moscow by 2005, the Japanese Embassy has announced. The move will provide five times as much floor space as the current premises."

=> aecasia.com is for sale

"The new Japanese Embassy, designed by Nikken Construction Bureau, will feature 120 rooms, tennis courts and a swimming pool."

MOFA explained that the swimming pool will mainly serve for emergencies (water supply for fire fighters). Tax payers' sweat.
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