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Modus operandi in Japanese?


9 Jan 2004
I am searching for the japanese way to represent the words "modus operandi"

Modus operandi | Define Modus operandi at Dictionary.com

modus operandi ( P ) Pronunciation Key (mds p-rnd, -d)
n. pl. modi operandi (md, -d) Abbr. MO
A method of operating or functioning.
A person's manner of working.

Using the japanese to english dictionary I found the corresponding word to be "teguchi" however I have been unable to verify this anywhere

I'm wanting to know if this is indeed a correct translation, and if there is a corresponding kanji character?

Or should I simply try to spell "modus operandi" in katakana? if katakana is my only choice, how should I spell it to translate properly?

any help greatly appreciated!

Originally posted by x91
Uusing the japanese to english dictionary I found the corresponding word to be "teguchi" however i have been unable to verify this anywhere

This is what I found when I looked up the word. I guess if you want the legal version it would be 手口. 手続 means a procedure, and I am guessing that 運用法 is a very formal word (and I am not sure when it would be used, but it was not listed in either the 和英 or the 国語). I hope this helps you.
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Checked w/ the wife and she says that's correct and is a commonly known word. Spelled 手口. Also common is the phrase 犯行手口 (hankou teguchi) which explicitly means "criminal modus operandi." As it has that "up to no good" association, if you are simply trying to say "method" or "way of doing", I'd go with 方法.
I'm trying to say "modus operandi" exactly, as its the name of a group I am affiliated with.so "手口" is the correct japanese way of saying "modus operandi" ?

The method is not what I am after, just "modus operandi".
That appears to be the consensus, according to my kanji dictionary as well. Houhou or yarikata being simply the method or way of doing things.
Thanks for your help everybody its greatly appreciated.

But, just to confirm!

"hankou teguchi" means "criminal modus operandi"
"teguchi" means "modus operandi"

and the kanji for "teguchi" (and thus Modus Operandi) is 手口 ?
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