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17 May 2017
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I haven't posted here for a while. I was recently posting on another Japan forum on a well-known ESL website but was banned by the moderators, without warning, for responding to rudeness from other board members, who took fairly innocuous, general comments extremely personally and reacted in an unnecessarily rude and confrontational way (given that they were older, had been on the board for a longer time, and appear to have illustrious teaching careers in Japan which they like to brag about, you'd have thought they'd be more mature about these things).

I had similar problems with one or two posters when I first posted on here but thought the moderators dealt with it in a more professional way, discussing it in private messages and hearing out the replies. I think that is probably one main reason why this forum continues to attract more traffic, while the other forum I mentioned seems virtually dead in the water, partly due to it being populated by a small handful of over-sensitive teachers, together with poor moderation which, instead of nipping their rudeness in the bud, instead instantly edits, deletes or bans the people who respond to their rudeness, without hearing out their grievances or advising them on things first.

I'll continue to check in here more often from now on.
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