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5 Oct 2003
I would like to know more about modding. Could someone please explain what modding means and what is the water cooler for. If there is a website that gives info. about modding please let me know!
Well, there are two kinds of modding. You can do case-modding, which involves visually enhancing your computer case. Think of spraypaint, or plexiglass windows in the side of the case and neonlights on the inside.

And then there is internal modding, which is actually called tweaking. This involves overclocking your processor (and/or graphics-card). This means letting it run at a higher speed (MHz) than it was designed for. This usually works well, but the hardware gets much hotter then it should. Therefore people apply bigger cooling fans or in extreme cases, watercooling.

This is modding in a nutshell, but there are lots more possibilities.
According to the PC mags -

People are spending $1000's on super paint jobs. I like the idea of water cooling if it would get rid of some fan noise. I run a full case with 4 fans and go deaf sitting next to it.

A friend of mine has a radiator from an old Opel Astra connected to his CPU. Don't ask me how he did it...
Thank you for explaining about the modding. I am looking forward in doing some case modding myself.
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