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Mobile phone e-mail ?


19 Apr 2003
Hi everyone, I know this will get moved into the darkest corner of the forum but as lots off ppl see this forum bit I hope someone has good advice?

I use hotmail to get e-mail from my mobile, its quite good as it displays on the phone without pictures. Does anyone here use another e-mail service you can use from your mobile?


There are heaps but it is really country and carrier and handset dependant.

What country are you located, what network do you use?

Japanese mobile phones don't support cookies so logging into Hotmail etc is not an option, but there are lots of other ways to get Hotmail on your phone.
Thank you enfour, its actually for my girlfriend in Japan - she uses docomo and getting lots of junk msgs ... I use mobile hotmail in the UK to send msg to her but recently its been taking loooong time to get msg from her phone to my account - my hotmail account is fine tho - I work in IT so I know a bit about this stuff ... just wondering if anyone here has used different e-mail account for thier phone in Japan? I don't think my phone uses cookies and hotmail works OK, maybe we'll try it. If there are any other popular choices please let me know :)

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