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Bored working guy
28 Mar 2003
Now that we have NBA and NHL fans, I just had to make a MLB thread...

Many of the people I talked with find baseball boring since there's so much lag time inbetween pitches and players walking up to the plate. But trust me, catching a fast hardball isn't as easy as it looks.... There's so much excitement too! (like Mr. Batman who might've caused the Cubs to lose, Zimmerman rushing pedro, Beckett's full shutout game)... wow! and some of my all time favs includes Gozilla, Kim (R.Sox), Pedro, Prior (Cubs), and Ichiro....

So anyone likes to play or watch baseball? Since this is a Japanese forum, my guess is there must be some Japanese baseball fans here since there's so much good asian players playing in MLB now.
Well... I must admit that I have never been much of a Baseball fan. That being said though, I find I have been watching the World Series the last couple years regularly. It's been interesting to track the Japanese player's progress and last year I was most notably impressed with Suzuki's play with the Mariners much like I was this year with Matsui and the Yankees. It's nice to see those guys and others (like Nomo back in the day) come to the U.S. and leave such great impressions with the fans who may have never of heard of them prior to their arrival.
Did anyone notice how far the Cubs went...that was sooo sweet. I have been waiting for years for something like that to happen for them, being from Chicago originally.
Wow... Iron Chef, you seem pretty up to date about player backgrounds even tho you're not a huge fan of baseball... :)

Yeah... i liked the cubs too, and I was hoping that they'll get into world series... but I guess the problem is that they don't have a strong bullpen like the other teams (NYY, Bos, even Mariners). Other than Prior, they don't have a consistent 2nd ace or good reliever....
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