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25 Jun 2002
Are any of you familiar with the Japanese film maker Hayao Miyazaki? He was the director of many films including "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Kiki's Delivery Service" which are well known in the U.S. I'm a big fan of his work. I just ordered a box set of 11 of his movies on DVD from Ebay. I also heard that he was worked on a movie called "Spirited Away" that came out in 2001. It was the biggest grossing movie in Japanese history. It's going to be coming out in the US this September. I can't wait to see it.
He also did Mononoke Hime [Princess Mononoke] which got a release in the west too. I do really want to see Spirited Away due to the hype surrounding it!
Oooh Thanks Thomas! That's a great link. I can't wait to see Spirited Away as welll because of all the hype surrounding it.
So, there IS a thread dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki after all although it was buried under years' worth of threads about more youth-oriented animes.

I have been a fan of his films as well as his TV work for a long time and would like to try to revive this thread.

What is your favorite Miyazaki film and why?

Mine is Spirited Away.... oh wait. Nausicaa of the valley of Wind. I just thought the art designs of those films were inventive and beautiful. It is true that his films have a tendency to be a bit preachy at times but I can overlook that easily because of the very complex characters that inhabits these fantastical worlds. Oh, and while it was not very good as a film, I really enjoyed Howl's Moving Castle, too. Who else in the animated film world has the guts to "take his time" setting up a "mood"? I am talking about those beautiful shots that don't have much to do with moving the plot along but their sole purpose is making the world in those films look richer and more "lived-in".

Anyway, I know there are Miyazaki fans out there. Please share your thoughts.
Ah, in my opinion one of the greatest storytellers!
I'm a big fan and plan to visit the Ghibli museum too when I'm in Japan. I think I'll probably go crazy in the gift shop :D.
I'm wondering which movie I'll be able to see, when I'm there. I'm hoping for Hosho o Katta Hi (The Day I Harvested A Star) or Mei to Konekobasu (Mei and the Kittenbus). Hell, any movie is good I guess.
I like all Miyazaki's movies, but my favourites are Tonari no Totoro (My Neighbour Totoro) and Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi (Spirited Away).
Sen to Chihiro.. has everything for me: great animation, great music and a great story. I bought it on my way home from New Zealand in Hong Kong Airport. I still see it regularly.
And Totoro? Well, it's Totoro! Do I still have to explain?! I think not...:)
My favourite Studio Ghibli movie is Only Yesterday. It's more of a drama and not really for everyone, but I really enjoyed it. I get really sick of fantasy anime, which seems to be 98% of it all. You start reading the plot line and it's looking good, but then oh, he has the ability to turn into some animal, or this person is learning how to use magic, etc.

Geez, just give me something like Rumbling Hearts which doesn't have ridiculous plotlines or characters that turn into demons or whatever.
It seems there are many miyazaki films that i havent seen yeat, but i absolutely loved all that i did see. My favorite is spirited away. :)

any favorites you guys would recommend?

Nausicaa of the valley of Wind. I just thought the art designs of those films were inventive and beautiful.

Wow that sounds very cool. I'll check it out!
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