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Miyavi fans?

silver angel

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26 Sep 2003
😍 I was just wondering if anyone here is a fan of Miyavi? He's an ex member from Due le Quartz. I'm a big fan so if anyone wants to chat about him =^__^= I'll be happy to talk...about him! XD
I think Miyavi is sooooooo cool. Yeah a former friend of mine was really in DLQ and I thought that Miyavi was the coolest by far out of the group...I downloaded some of his songs before the whole downloading = lawsuit thing...I like his music a lot
agreed...same with Toshiya, Shinya, Gackt....and the list could go on forever and ever and ever and ever and so could this
Not to be the flogger of rumors, but I hear from reputable sources, that in reality, Miyavi is a d*ck.

I dearly hope I dont get banned for using that term.
He certainly seems quite confident about himself. I like his music.
I'd like to meet these sources.
Originally posted by insane_pink_tiger
well he's been modeling for the last two or three issues, it's pretty cute.

Aww... I want to see it... Anybody please help me?? I like Miyavi too.. His performance, his music.. And the body.. gosh!!! Just can't handle it.. He is tall too. I've watched Pop Is Dead. I like it. Have you guys see Coo Quack Cluck -ku ku ru- ? I like this song too.. Go on, Miyavi!!!!! 😍
I think Miyavi is really cool. I'd have to meet him to know if he is a d*ck or not. (That's not gonna happen!) He could be or he could not be an d*ck. Whatever I like his music...
I happen to really like Miyavi's music and looks. I don't know if he's a jerk or whatever (being polite with language) but at least his taste in music and looks are good.
I HAVE AN AWESOME MIYAVI SITE! Everything Miyavi, at least to my heart's content, has everything that he's done on the LFX Show (My favourite was when he did Hit the Road Jack, you have to watch that video) but anyways, go to


And there's another section called download_miyavi, and there is each of his albums and his singles. Plus, she has a Photobucket, which is where my avatar came from... I love her! BTW! If anyone wants, I can show you how to burn Miyavi videos, as long as it's okay that you download a few programs (and you obviously need a DVD Burner!). There are a few more videos attached to them, but their good ones, like the 22 minute Roentgen Stories videos by HYDE and a few Gackt videos, and I think the Kingdom Hearts II Opening and a T.M. Revolution Video is attached. I was dunno. I'll make a list... ask!
In Dear My Friend, one of his videos, he looks like a lot of fun to hang out with, Illaparatzo-sama, don't get mad... I know it's old, but I'm new. If you og through everything at the site I just posted, it says that he's humble and like to make his fans laugh...and besides the fact that he did Shiawasae nana te o tata ko, at a concert, he sounds like a lot of fun...even though one of his guitarists was a litle angry, or a lot less than amused, he still did it. I don't really think that he's what you say he is...but to each their own, I have my opinion, and you have yours...Ja ne!
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