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16 Sep 2002
Top-Ranked Interpreter,
Humor Master to Speak

Masumi Muramatsu, Japanテ不 most famous simultaneous interpreter, also an author and humorous storyteller, will present a program Tuesday, October 29 at Miyako Hotel Tokyo on how to enjoy learning and communicating in English without the usual drudgery and pain associated with mastering the language.
The retired co-founder and chairman of Simul International, Inc. and former president of Simul Academy of International Communication, Muramatsu has had a long and distinguished career, traveling the world to participate in international events as a simultaneous interpreter, advisor and consultant.
He has presided in the translation booths at nine World Summits of the major industrialized nations, and interpreted for American presidents from Kennedy to Carter. His was the voice Japanese listeners heard when Neil Armstrong stepped on to the moon and when Richard Nixon announced that he would "resign the presidency effective noon tomorrow".
Matsumura has used his wealth of extraordinary life experiences to create a new career for himself as an author and public speaker, particularly on the subjects of learning and using English, and the importance of humor in business and life in general.
He has, in fact, become an internationally recognized authority on humor, and is noted for his humor-based speeches, which makes him rare indeed among the Japanese.
"We are a solemn, sober, serious people because we don't show our emotions as many other people do, but we do have funny bones and my mission is to make Japanese loosen up,テ he says. And he does just that; with his audiences often laughing so hard they get tears in their eyes.
Since retiring, Muramatsu has written a number of books, including Watashi mo Eigo ga Hanasenakatta (I Couldnテ付 Speak English Either!); Watashi no Eigo Watching (English Word Watching My Way); Dakara Eigo wa Omoshiroi (The Joy of English); and Leader Tachi no Yumoa (Humor in Leadership).
Muramatsuテ不 presentation will follow a buffet dinner. Anyone interested in attending the program may call the hotel at (03) 3447-3111 for details and reservations. Details of the program are also available on the Internet at: www.miyakospeakersgroup.com.
The Miyako Speakers Program's main object is to promote cross cultural exchange between Japan and the international community. The Japanese in general and our traditions are often misunderstood by the rest of the world. At the same time, Japan being an island country that had only opened up its borders as if by a rude awakening from its Sakoku Policy still needs to be more aware of the world at large. The balance between the appreciation of its local identity, diversification and globalization would be one of the themes of MSG. We hope that this program would become an incentive toward these issues. All are welcome!
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