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8 Oct 2002
Miss Japan (Miyako Miyazaki ) went to the finals at the Miss Universe and a "unique" evening gown


--> Came off very poorly in the interviews

--> Had hair covering her face, like a teenager

--> Didn't seem "charismatic" when answering
I agree with your summation. Not that I put much stock in such things, but it was nice to see Japan so well represented in the pageant. I thought she was very stunning and would have liked to have seen her get a little higher than 4th runner-up but oh well... The whole "deer-caught-in-the-headlights" air she had about her really hurt her scores I think.
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This picture doesn't really do her justice (she looked much better on television imho). You can read more about her background/becoming "Miss Japan"/etc. at the aforementioned link as well if so inclined.


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She looks better on this picture than on the miss universe site.
Miss India and Switzerland were the 2 most beautiful, but this Miss Japan owned her place in the top5.
Miss Japan/Miss Universe

She is very slim, almost thin.

She had her hair in her face during one of the interviews.
For a contest of this importance, it was suprising
for such "sloppy" presentation.

I thought the pagent was about a girl who represented her country in all areas and not just her looks.. *sigh*

(I know the pagent is still about who looks best in a bathing suit but the hypocrisy kills me..)
I agree, unfortunately when you have billionaire Donald Trump as the sponsor in a partnership with the NBC television network, bringing such an event to prime time means you have to sacrifice substance for style in order to appease the masses.
Well, if they had wanted to privildge substance over style, they'd created Miss IQ, but that's not what people want.
Well I think that a holding pagents is fine - but call it what it really is (who is the prettiest girl) and not try to pretend that it is something that it is not...
Lol Maciamo if I am correct Miss India wins Miss World alot. I don't quite get how there can be a Miss Universe though..well I won't go on a sci fi thing but you should get the gist of what I am saying!
Miss World VERSUS Miss Universe

Can anyone enlighten us, which is more important

Miss World contest
Miss Universe contest

Miss Universe was on the TV station ABC in United States in prime time. Thats the standard ABC broadcast all over United States. Thats says something !!!

Yeah, you know what that says?
It says that all these contest are simply commercials, wrapped in a tv-show package. The outcome is irrelevant, as long as there are as many people as possible watching the show.
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