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Minor or Major?


20 Sep 2003
Right now, I'm trying to decide whether to go for a Japanese minor (with a CS major) or a Japanese Major (with a CS minor).

I want to become fluent in Japanese more then the degree, however, I am going into game design and looked into it somewhat, and found that translation provides a secure and good paying job for some game companies. However, they don't want some rookie, and I'm totally aware that I would most likely need to study in Japan to get the language down that well.

Hoping that many a few of you on here, either have a Major or Minor, and know the level of knowledge and fluency that comes with them at time of graduation.

Thanks for any advice.
The knowledge/fluency you would achieve is highly dependent on how good your university's program is as well as your own abilities. It's up to your own interests but I would lean towards a CS major and a Japanese minor. With Japanese you can demonstrate your proficiency via the JLP Test; employers won't care how many classes in Japanese you took, they need to know your level of ability.
On the other hand, if a Japanese major gives you the opportunity to study in Japan and a minor wouldn't, that's a reason to go the other way.
I'd minor.

No matter how many Japanese classes you take, the native Japanese speakers will always have the advantage - simply because Japanese is their first language.

If you're still interested in the language and culture, minor in it. You still get the experience, but it allows you to build a stable degree that can be applicable in any area of the world.

Tell me if that made any sense...d'oh.


Thanks guys, I think I will probably be going the path you recomend. My main goal is the language, not the degree so probably smart to go with a minor instead.
Yep, I'm minoring in Japanese as well.
My major is International Studies. Japanese and International Studies go well together.
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