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Minna-san, hajimemashite!


13 Jul 2002
Greetings to everyone! 🙂

I figured I should post a quick introduction here. I stumbled onto this website while doing a Web search for information on the Group Sounds musical acts popular in Japan during the 1960's, and I can't tell you how pleasantly surprised I was at finding this vibrant forum discussing all facets of Japanese culture.

Like a lot of people in the USA, my interest in Japanese culture began with anime and manga... and then expanded out of control! :eek:

Right now, I'm hosting a weekly radio show on Sunday mornings devoted to Japanese pop music from all eras (with a dash of pop music from other Asian countries as well)... so you'll probably find me around the Pop Culture forums mostly, though I'm sure I'll be checking in them all eventually... 😌

Anyway, thanks for listening and I'm so very pleased to meet everyone! See you around the forums!
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