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Millenium Actress

i heard alot about it being great but i haven't checked it out yet? someone tell us what its all about
I've seen it. It really is great! A master-piece! I can tell what it's about. I try not to spoil it. There's an old and famous actress telling her story. It takes a little time to see how the movie works, but when you figure it out, you'll notice how special the style is.
It's simply a must-see.
Oh, this explanation didn't turn out to be good anyway... 🙇‍♂️
Millennium Actress is definitely worth seeing. Never mind that its anime, it's just a damn good movie, PERIOD!
omg i wrote about it on another thread. It made me cry for two hours. I loved it. The greatest. i love the music too. I bought the soundtrack. When i hear the music I cry sometimes too. You know sometimes i wonder if I'm gonna be like her. Chasing a dream and never really reaching it.
I loved Millenium Actress, it was a really sad movie.I didnt understand at first but its very beautiful. that movie made me cry happy tears, good movie overall.
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