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Article Miharu Castle

Hiroto Uehara

Castle Walker
9 Sep 2016
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Hiroto Uehara submitted a new Article:

Miharu Castle

Miharu Castle (三春城) is located in Miharu-machi in the Abukuma Mountains, 10km east of Koriyama in Fukushima Prefecture. Being an old castle town, Miharu has many temples and a picturesque town center held in traditional Japanese style.

The castle lies on a hill called Shiroyama and faces the eastern boroughs of the town. Almost none of the original buildings survived, only the Hanko Gate (Hanko was a school founded by the Tamura clan) is still on display at the entrance to Miharu elementary school.

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During the Edo Period (1600-1868) the residence of the daimyō was situated on the grounds of the current elementary school.

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I was climbing the hill from there.

The inner bailey (本丸 honmaru) and the ni-no-maru (二の丸, second circle or compound) were located on...

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14 Mar 2002
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The ruins of Miharu Castle, which once dominated this town in northeastern Japan, can now be viewed in all its former glory thanks to an app called StreetMuseum which features VR images of historical locations all over Japan.


The bilingual app (J, E) is available on AppStore and Google Play.


Digitally reconstructed virtual reality images of the feudal-era castle come up when an exclusive smartphone app is accessed at the hilltop site. Town authorities developed the app in the hope it would promote the charms of the castle town and encourage tourism. The VR images are recreated using an app called StreetMuseum. Visitors using smartphones installed with the app near the castle ruins on a 400-meter hill close to the town office building will be able to view the main gate, the three-story "yagura" defense tower, the main residence and other structures. The app, which can be downloaded for free, also displays a bird's-eye view of the castle and images of the castle town. According to town officials and experts, Miharu Castle was built in 1504. It was a typical mountain castle that was occupied by the Tamura clan during the Warring States period (late 15th to late 16th centuries) and by the Matsushita and Akita clans during the Edo Period (1603-1867). Like many other castles from the feudal period, it was dismantled after the 1868 Meiji Restoration. The site is currently used as a park. In 2017, the Japan Castle Foundation included Miharu Castle in its second list of 100 famous castles in Japan.

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