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Midori Fujii: Happy Ko-Edo exile


17 Jan 2004
Kawagoe City, in Saitama-ken, is home to a wide variety of attractions. One of the residents/immigrants there was born in London, but is full-blood Japanese. Here's an article from the Japan times on her.


Happy immigrant to Kawagoe, Midori Fujii with some of her biannual booklets

Midori Fujii calls herself a "cityscape exile."

"When I introduce myself to the local people of Kawagoe, I always say 'I'm a cityscape exile from Tokyo,' " says Fujii, a resident of Matsue-cho in the center of Kawagoe City, Saitama Prefecture.

She loves the city so much that, after moving to Kawagoe 11 years ago with her family, she now self-publishes "Ko-Edo Monogatari (Mini-Edo Tales)," a biannual 18-page booklet on Kawagoe community issues and local history.

Yahoo! News
o_O Oops, I forgot..

That article was from the Japan Times, not Yahoo! News. Gomen nasai about that, minna. :sorry: :p
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