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Microsoft Takes on Teen Over Web Site


17 Jan 2004
This is a laughingstock of a story, IMHO. I can't believe Microsoft would go this low to do something like this. Gimme a break... :devilish: :cautious:

VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Mike Rowe thinks it's funny that his catchy name for a Web site design company sounds a lot like Microsoft.

The software giant, however, is not amused.

"Since my name is Mike Rowe, I thought it would be funny to add 'soft' to the end of it," said Rowe, a 17-year-old computer geek and Grade 12 student in Victoria, British Columbia.

Yahoo! News
Wonder wat the settlement will be like... I can understand Microsoft's overprotectiveness but tis is a little too far...
Originally posted by Old School
Nothing compared to the dogs of McGarbage. They had Webster's take the term "McJob" out of the dictionary.

Did they actually succeed in doing so? I had heard that they were taking legal actions against Mirriam-Webster, but I thought that the case was seen as frivolous and thrown out. By the way, I agree with you about "McGarbage." I try my best never to eat there, sometimes resulting in near-fights with people when we have to decide where to eat.:sick:
Yeah, the kid lives in Victoria, close to vancouver. I don't think he'll win this because he said he registered the domain because it was funny... also, he wants microsoft to pay $10,000+ to buy his domain...but, you never know... he may win. It was in every major paper here in Vancouver... kinda a mixed opinion over it so far.
well yeah it is funny, but then again its his real name. just because someone puts "soft" after their name it shouldnt be that big of a deal, homophone or not. he has every right to charge them whatever he wants for that domain. $10 is a slap in the face. the kid who had beer.com sold the name for like $250,000 or whatever. and its not like microsoft is short on money or anything. bill gates makes more than $250,000 an hour. if i was steve jobs id buy it for $25000 just to piss off bill gates.
I think the problem is that he is starting up a psuedo-company. If he wants to register mikerowesoft as a company name, he needs to fill out the paperwork with the CDN government. He can start up a company called Mike Rowe without registering with the government, but any other variation, he may be SOL then.
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