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michi says hi


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28 Feb 2004
hey everybody. I guess i'm the newest newbie here.

I joined this forum because I have a certain fascination with Japan. The traditions, music, art, dress, places, etc. This seems like the best place to learn about all things Japanese. :)
hiya michi and welcome, im sure youll learn heaps of stuff here. anyway have fun on the forum.
Maciamo said:
Hi Michi ! 🙂 Welcome aboard !

So where are you from ?


hello. 🙂

My heritage is Chinese. My culture is Canadian. And I live in the U.S. :p
thanks for welcoming. 🙂

Hachiko said:
So, in turn, you have the best of three nations. That's global for ya. Interesting...

*nods. yeah. i plan on moving back to Canada after university.
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