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Right now I"v got a problem, why can't I see golgo"s pic????
I"v got an XP system, what am I not doing right, I want to see these pics, who can help???🙂 🙂 🙂 hay I just realised, half of the forums smileys aren't here either, HELP!!!!!!
I think it's my server!!! The page has still 13 items remaining to download, but it just won't do it, I"L leave it till tomorrow before I panic!!!🙂 The forums smileys are still not here, except maybe 8 out of a possible 20, Hmmmmm, must be the server.
Haha golgo, you da man!! Hahaha, at last, my server has picked up a bit, and I can see all those pics very clearly and instantly, lolol they are great!!! OHHHH all the forums smileys are back too! 👏 ;) :eek: :D :p 👍 🙂 there to prove it.....lolol
Joan Crawford's long lost daughter? :D


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Omg! Joan Crawford and Michael look so much alike!! That's just creepy lol. All the pics are funny thanks for sharing them Golgo_13!
Which is scarier? Gollum, or the alter-ego Michaellum? :D


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