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29 Apr 2018
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Hello, this is my first post on here so sorry if I'm doing anything wrong. If this feels too long, please feel free to read as much as you can and answer as far as you've read without needing to answer everything. Anything helps.

I'm an Egyptian student currently in my last year of high school, I want to apply for the MEXT Undergraduate scholarship under Social Sciences and Humanities A with my chosen subjects being Pedagogy, Sociology, and Politics respectively. I'm supposed to hand in my documents late May as the start of the first phase but there are a few things I'm worried about that I hope people on here could clear up for me:

The high school I'm attending is an international one so I'm studying under IGCSE and taking Cambridge and Edexcel exams, So far I've gotten 5 A*s in the primary O levels, and 3 As in other other O levels as well as an A in an AS exam (Psychology) and an A* in an A level. This year, I'm taking the A2 for Psychology to complete the A level, and English A level as a whole, I'm expected to have A*s in both but I won't receive those results before applying so I will have to send a certificate of expected graduation. In my first year of high school, I got the highest English O level grade in the country and received a high achiever award. I'm saying this because I'm curious because the embassy's website in my country says I need a score of 95% to be eligible, but this system doesn't really work in percentages. I assume their use of % is in accord to the national Egyptian education system which does score in percentages. I used this website to try and convert my score, and it would be around 98% making me eligible, but I'm not sure if they use the same way of calculating it. Score Calculator – The IG Club

Another problem with the % grade thing is that they require I submit a transcript of my grades WITH percentages. I'm not sure if I'm expected to submit the actual percentages I got on the exams (I'm not sure if I can even find those anymore) or if I'm supposed to have my school list A*s as 100%s since that's (I think) how they're treated.

Another thing I'm very worried about is the assigned embassy examination. Since I'm going for social sciences and humanities A I'm going to be taking the English, Japanese, and Mathematics A exams. I'm confidant in the English one but my Japanese skill is very weak, I've studied quite a bit but I'm still just past entry level. I used to be good at math and got a very high score on it as an O level netting me an A* but now when I look at past MEXT math A exams I can barely answer even a few questions. The embassy's told me the Japanese exam really doesn't matter since I'm not applying for a Japanese language course (and probably since Egyptians tend to have no knowledge of Japanese at all) but they haven't said the same for Math, I'm wondering if the score on that is really that important if I'm not applying for a math related subject AND if I've scored well on Math as an O level (Which has the same level of questions in the Math A exam).

Also if the Mathematics A score really is important, I really really would like some guidance on how to study it, any materials or videos or notes would be REALLY appreciated, I can't practice on past MEXT exams since I can barely answer any of the questions and it's hard to trace back a question to a certain lesson without a textbook of some kind. I don't mind purchasing books by the way, anything helps.

It would also help if you guys could tell me what you think of my chances, I'm confidant in my high school grades even though I'm worried it may seem less impressive after % conversions since if they DO require me to submit the actual numerical scores of the exams I took, some of them may be around 79-84% (whatever it took to get an A* or A at the time basically). I also hope you guys take into account that I probably won't do well in the Japanese and Math embassy assigned exams. If possible I'd like some advice on what to focus on doing to prepare too, like if you think studying for the math exam is more important than the japanese one for example.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any help at all.
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