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MEXT students: online jobs/copyrights royalties taxes in home country


2 Feb 2017
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Basically, I wonder what to do about earnings from online jobs as well as residuals/royalties from copyrights material during the stay as a MEXT student. Are students expected to terminate those activities during their stay in Japan as government scholars?

I am aware scholars can easily get permission to work a specific amount of hours a month as a part-time job, but the money earned via the online job and due to copyright stuff would still be declared in my home country, and apparently not interfere. Regarding copyrights residuals, I would have to do some research to know how to "stop" them, since they are usually transferred to my home account and declared as economic activities in my home country.

I hope this was not too confusing and I explained my doubt clearly enough! I just want to be 100% sure of how to proceed, so any knowledgeable answers will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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