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MEXT scholarship: Desperately looking for a University!!


nervous breakdown!
18 Jul 2007
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Hello everyone!
I'm new here. I've been looking for information on the MEXT scholarship and the boards have proved extremely helpful. But I still have some questions.

I got a letter of acceptance from my local Japanese Embassy a few days ago, which means I passed all the initial screenings (papers, tests and interview). Now I have to get a letter of acceptance from a Japanese University.

Someone from the Embassy recommended me to apply to well-known universities, such as Waseda or Sophia. Both are in Tokyo, which is perfect for me, as I have some friends there. However, I got a bit lost while seaching their websites for applying procedures. Should I just spam all the available e-mail adresses with introduction letters? Some of the pages look terribly outdated, so I doubt I'll get a reply very quickly.

Time is another issue. I have to get my acceptance letter (from the Uni) by mid august. Does it take them very long to decide whether they'll let you study there or not? Should I send them a super detailed version of my research project, or is the one I presented to the embassy (about 2 pages in Japanese) good enough??

My field is Japanese and Spanish contrastive linguistics. I'll appreciate any suggestions and experiences you could share with me. I'm so very lost!!
Sorry for the huge post :p
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21 Jul 2007
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monbukagakusho test and interview HEEEELLPPPP !!!

hello everyone i'm brand new here.
i am an algerian student,i have the english and japanese tests next tuesday (24th) at 11:00am .
please could anyone help me because i'm all wound up .
i need to have an overview on the exam.
i received a call from the embassy three days ago,i was told that there will be two hours :the first one concerns english whereas the second one concerns japanese.
:( i really need your help minasan !!!
to cap it all,the interview will be just after the tests at about 14:30 the same day .i am SO frightened !!!
thanks in advance .
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