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MEXT/Monnbukagakusho Research Plan/Study Program


4 Apr 2007
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I have passed initial document screening and english examination. I do not know Japanese but I was told that it may/may not affect my selection process. My current concern is my research plan. I did not write Study Program because I planned to go through Research students to Masters program. In it I have written out what we were taugth in our university to write in a typical research plan: introduction, research significance, literature review, methodology, timeline and resources. These all accounted for about 1000 words (including tables) since I wrote it very briefly. However one particular university I looked for requires as I found out now 1500 research plan and that is 500 words more than mine. Therefore I have concern whether I can or I should amend my research plan and whether I can possibly do it given I have already submitted my plan. Therefore the question is can I change or amend my research plan or in case I cannot, explain it to the university and still be eligible for their graduate program?
Also, I do not know if I have included everything needed in research plan or if there are redundancies. Hope there are some who already have experience with this process and can help me with this. Thanks in advance.

Also how important is the specifity of your initial research plan/study program and how far can you deviate from it in case you could not find appropriate supervisor?
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