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MEXT 2013 candidates ?

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3 Nov 2012
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I'm a total newbie who just registered like a few seconds ago so first of all yoroshiku JREF-san & users-san ^^
And the reason is exactly as stated above. Sorry for being that frank but I am looking for a fellow MEXT 2013 candidate, preferably for Japan studies, to chit-chat ;) I'm a candidate for postgraduate studies who passed the first screening, exam, interview etc... and now waiting for the final results in March :)
The results are way ahead and I'm starting to feel anxious especially since I still don't know which of the 3 unis I'll be attending, and moreover IF I'm going to Japan or not T_T
I hate how long they're making us wait and giving us only 1 month to prepare after the final results! Now all I know is: I might be going to Japan around April next year, and most likely to a place around the Tokyo area. Too vague to even allow myself to mentally prepare for anything :?
Anyone having the same thoughts or facing the same situation I'm all ears to hear your rant as I already bothered you with mine :p
yoroshiku :p
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