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Metal gear Solid: The Cambodia Project

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Chapter 1

South Coast of Cambodia (21:23)
The night was still. The forest was quiet, except for the quiet footsteps. I was leaning up on a waterlogged log. On my back, I could feel the cool water from within the log. I was tired, very tired. I continued to play with my Mk22 cocking it back in forth, cleaning the barrel and the clip with my undershirt. My suppressor was lost when I landed at my drop point. Sadly, I wasn't able to recover it.
I'm left here, behind this log with a survival knife, Mk22, two Mk22 clips, a scope, a camera, and my standard radio (the Codec). Every five minutes I looked back through my scope about six hundred yards away to view the five men that surrounded the perimeter of the facility that I was assigned to infiltrate. Their routes were tight. Not one guard's route was one hundred feet from the others'.

One patrols the east wing doorway, one the west wing doorway, one the main doorway, one the underground doorways, and one the upper doorways. The facility was the size of a "jumbo shed". I continued to think. There was no way I was going to be able to enter the facility from the front, nor the underground route, and because I lost my suppressor, I was in even more trouble than I thought. Security was tight. I was assigned to infiltrate the facility and take pictures of the upcoming Metal Gear machine's blueprints. This one was based in the depth of Cambodia. As explained in my briefing, the project had been headed by Nikoli Servinov, a Russian KGB Officer planning to use the metal Gear for a planned attack against both Europe and the whole North America. The Metal Gear was being planned by Frank Croft, an American machine builder responisble for some of the machines used by the CIA. Frank Croft only accepted to give a hand on this project because of his issues of the past with the CIA. Four years ago, the CIA fired him of his access to all CIA development labs in the US because one of his biggest gadgets. "The Stealth Grenade". This baby was designed to be as light as tennis ball, but while one of CIA agents was investigating an assignment, he was forced to use the grenade, but the grenade exploded right in his hand, before he could even throw it. The detonator timing was not tested or even paid attention to because of its shocking lightweight. This grenade early detonation took place several times. Some say he did this on purpose, but others claim it was just a big mishap altogether. The project is nicknamed the "Cambodia Project" or the "Sky Wolf". According to my briefing, the machine is capable of destroying all of North America by launching at least 4 nukes. One in Canada, Mexico, North America, and the Bahamas. The machine is also capable of flying in the air automatically with special "programmed" computers. This is all the CIA intelligence could gather. The rest... well.. that's why I was there.

So, there I was, in the forest of Cambodia, laying on the back of a waterlogged log, trying to infiltrate a building which holds the designs of the machine, but is also tightly guarded with five guards patrolling the front armed with grenades and AK-47's. They were simply just KGB police guards. Regular volunteers, I guess. After 5 more minutes of silence, I made a plan. On the east side of the building, there were no guards. Therefore, it had to be empty. That means no doors, no small armories, and no trouble. If I would be able to sneak to the side using the edge of the forest as cover, I would easily be able to get to the building. I crawled through the wet underbrush. The guards definitely could not see me, as they were concentrated on the overall security of the front of the building. They obviously put all of their patrol to the front of the building, making the rear safe and empty. As I continued, I looked down to find a track of an animal. It looked like a dog. After five minutes of scanning the area and crawling, I heard a deep howl. I looked to my right and on top of a small hill, I could see gleaming eyes of an animal. I made it out as a wolf.

What was I going to do?

I couldn't move, I couldn't shoot, and I couldn't hide for much longer. I looked to my right again to find that I was atop a small bank. Then, suddenly I had a plan. This was a 50-50 percent risk. Either I would have been lucky, or I would get myself in deep trouble. I would also have to give up my gun. Okay, first, I would draw the wolf towards the guards. If I did this, I knew I'd also have to cross out and fail the "stealth" objective for this assignment. I threw my gun in the air. The gun landed just a few feet from me. Hopefully, the wolf would use the sound to sense something. Then, I would use the wolf to attack the guard.

"What the hell was that?" said closest guard to the forest's edge.

The guard started toward me, but so did the wolf. The wolf came faster. The wolf trotted fast, ready to feast on human flesh. The guard came toward me, slowly, ready to shoot the hell out of me if I came up from the underbrush. When the wolf reached me, it gleamed its sharp teeth right at me. I looked at them with a sudden sight of death. Then, as quick as I could, I dropped my gun and then rolled down the hill away from both the wolf and the guard. Only seconds later did I hear the manly screams of death. After that came a quick round of fired shots, killing the wolf, as I would have assumed. After the I made sure that the two bodies hit the ground, I crawled up the hill and up the bloody underbrush silently. I grabbed the AK from the dead guard's arm. When I reached my gun that I dropped, I threw it to the left. The guard turned toward my thrown Mk22. After his quick turn, I pulled the trigger with my recently picked up AK. After the man cried out his final words, I heard the others coming. Still in the underbrush, I crawled toward the other AK. I now held one AK in my right hand, and another in my left. This wasn't right, but my job is to try to achieve my mission objective no matter the costs...

I popped up from the underbrush, firing the two automatics. I killed one guard with one of the AKs and another with the other. The guard that ran in the middle of the now two dead guards got a quick shot off of me. I landed to the ground in pain. While in the underbrush from my fall of pain, I fired off some more shots with my AK, killing the final guard.
I knew I didn't have much time left before reinforcements arrived. I had to move fast. I wiped the blood off of my face with my undershirt, then sat beside a tree. I was completely wiped out. I could barely move. Handling two AKs did alot to my old back.

While sitting, I forced the AK bullet out of my right leg with my knife. I then ripped my undershirt into two pieces and wrapped my wound. I got up, grabbed my Mk22, and the AK and started toward the facility. I went through the main doorway, holding my AK, ready to blast anyone in sight. I continued down a dark hall, limping. Finally, I came to a door. The door was in the west wing, where in my briefing, the planning room is located. I opened the door. After I turned on a lamp in the room, I knew it was the planning room. It had the Metal Gear plans hanging on the walls with clear tape. It was the biggest Metal Gear plans I had ever seen. The blueprints for the thing were amazing. I pulled out my Codec to call the Major.

"Snake, did you finally gain access to the blueprints room?"

"Yeah, but it took an AK round in my right leg, a wolf, and five dead guards to get here"

"Snake, you know that it's very important that you are not seen during this operation. If you are seen, The Metal Gear will be launched, and there is nothing anybody can do about it."

"I know."

"Then why did you kill five guards? You were given orders to just tranquilize them and move on."

"That's what I had in mind, but let's just say that a wolf interfered with my plans"

"A wolf? Snake..."

"It's a long story. I'll tell you about it if I get out of here alive."

"But Snake, you killed the five guards."

"Yeah, but it's not like these guys don't have the proper backup."

"Did you at least hide the bodies?"

"Not really... the bodies are in high underbrush, but I trailed a lot of blood in here."

"Any injuries? Besides you bleeding?"

"Yeah, of course... you didn't think that I would have gotten out of this mess without getting shot, did you?"

"What are your injuries?"

"I got shot by an AK in the lower chest and my right leg."

"That's gonna take a while to clean up, you know that, right?"

"It's not gonna take a while to clean up when it's me you're talking about."

"Ok, Snake... you're located near the coast of Cambodia, correct?"


"The Navy has a aircraft carrier not too far away from your location. Give us five to ten minutes and we'll pick you up."

"What is an aircraft carrier doing off the coast of Cambodia?"

"It's a long story. Everything will be explained later. We'll meet you south of your current location. There's a big clearing. You

don't have much time. You should get going."


I shut the Codec off and stored it in my pocket. I got out my camera and started taking pictures of the big machine's plans. There were about five pages of blueprints. As I finished up with all 5 of the pictures, I noticed a helicopter just landing outside. It was just a normal Russian KGB helicopter. About 10 seconds after it’s landing, a Russian KGB agent walked slowly out of the helicopter, or so I assumed. He was very casual looking. He carried a briefcase in one hand, and a pistol equipped with a suppressor in the other hand. He turned his head toward the dead bodies in the underbrush, but he wasn't even surprised that five dead KGB guards were dead.

"What the hell?" I whispered to myself, "who the hell is that?"

I cocked my gun and pointed it out the window, right at the agent's head. I pulled the trigger, but it didn't shoot. I tried to take the clip out to possibly retry loading the gun. Then figured out that I didn't have a clip in it... boy was that one of my saddest moments on the job. I looked back out the window to my left. The helicopter was taking off! I quickly dashed to the door. I looked down and saw that there was a timer attached to the briefcase. It was a bomb. There was another thirty minutes until its detonation. I had to make sure the bomb didn't explode this facility. Who knew what would've happened between the U.S., Europe, and the U.S.S.R. if that bomb exploded. The one thing I couldn't figure out is why a KGB agent planted a bomb here. This is a Russian facility, but it's even more important that that to the Soviets, it was also a Metal Gear planning facility; one of the most important buildings according to the Russians. There's no doubt that the KGB had planned something against the US, but what? He didn't even bother to look at the bodies in the underbrush. This was really, really weird.

I picked up the briefcase, and took it with me. I knew I only had about five to ten minutes left until the reinforcements arrived. With that in my mind, I started toward the woods, heading south. I was assuming the Major decided the south as a pickup point because not only was it safe from the KGB arriving from the north, but it also hides the scene of a US Navy helicopter and a Russian KGB helicopter appearing in Cambodian air space at the same time. I continued to drag my full-of-pain leg through the wet, muddy woods. I could see a clearing ahead in the distance, as well as three US Navy helicopters. I felt relieved to see the helicopters. Only one hundred feet away from the helicopter, I saw two men armed with M4s run out to assist me.

"Hey, are you okay, man?" asked the man on the right, yelling at the top of his lungs, overlapping the helicopter rotors' big thunderous sound.

"Yeah. Just a few bullet wounds. It's not that big of a deal," I yelled, shaking away from their grip.

We finally made it to the helicopter. I climbed into the hatch in pain. I finally managed to make it into the helicopter. I leaned my back against the metal interior walls of the helicopter, grabbing my leg in pain.

"Fly low," I said to the pilot, "skim the tips of the trees in you have to!"

"What? Why?"

"You wouldn't want the KGB to spot us in the air space, now, would you?" I replied, "hey, where's the Major, anyway?"

"He's waiting for you back at the carrier. We should be there soon," informed one of the soldiers.

"That reminds me...hurry get over some water! Fast!" I yelled.

"Why?" asked one of the pilots.

"I need to drop a bomb," I replied.

"Whoa! You have a bomb on a helicopter?!?" screamed one of the guards.

"Relax. It's just a bomb that I collected, after a KGB agent tried to destroy the facility I infiltrated. Besides, it still has about ten

minutes left," I informed him.

"What the hell? Why would a KGB agent want to destroy a Russian Metal Gear facility?"

"That's what I'm still trying to figure out"

About two minutes later, we finally arrived at the coast of the Indian Ocean. I picked up the suit case, and then dropped in from the helicopter.

"It had seven minutes left. Quick... let's get back to the carrier. Hopefully nobody hears or sees that thing explode."

The helicopter hovered across the night skies of the Indian Ocean; with the Navy carrier in sight.


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